Proximity Card Readers

  • Because physical contact is not required, proximity card readers can read card data through common building materials like: concrete, brick, stone, drywall, plaster, glass, wood, plastic…in fact, through anything but metal.
  • Proximity card readers are maintenance-free.   There are no parts to wear out or adjust.
  • Passive card technology provides an unlimited number of “card reads” with no battery to wear out.
  • Passive cards, unless they are physically abused, will last virtually forever.
  • Clamshell, ISO Graphic, and KeyTag type cards are available.
  • Read ranges are not absolute and will vary depending on several factors including where the reader is mounted, the mounting surface and product application.
  • These card readers output their data in 26-bit Wiegand format.
  • Most card readers operate on 5-12 VDC.  AVI systems may operate at different voltages.
  • These card readers are not designed for stand-alone operation (see 1520/1524 readers) and must be connected to an access controller (DKS 1830 Series systems).

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